We are dedicated to building high quality large format 3D printers at a great value.


Our design philosophy is three pronged:

  1. Build large print volume printers, currently 8 cubic feet.

  2. Build highly accurate printers.  X/Y positional accuracy of 8 microns at 16th stepping.  

  3. Build robust machines that require minimal maintenance and calibration.


Building large 3D printers is not easy.  The mechanical issues increase exponentially with the size increases in all 3 axes.  The larger the printer, the harder it is to make the frame rigid.  If the frame is not rigid, the printer's overall accuracy will be compromised.  To solve this problem, we decided to use the acrylic shell as the frame.  The walls are chemically welded together and cannot be separated or loosen over time.  



For accuracy, our design uses leadscrews instead of belts.  Belts can stretch with temperature changes and wear.  They can also vibrate causing artifacts in the prints.  Generally, belts are not as accurate or as robust as leadscrews.  Belts also add many more parts that require more maintenance.  


3D printers vibrate a lot due to the stepper motors and constant direction changes of the print carriage.  The more parts the printer has, the more maintenance you will have keeping parts tight and calibrated.  Leadscrew based CNC machines have an order of magnitude fewer parts than belt driven ones.  Leadscrews are a more elegant and robust design that require far less maintenance and calibration.  The only maintenance the leadscrews need is a couple of drops of oil on each one every few months.  After a few years, the nuts will wear down a bit.  But new ones can be printed by the printer and are designed to be easily replaced with just 2 screws.